How is Private Security Service Price Determined?

Private Security service prices are dependent on many cost factors in the private security sector, which is a labor-intensive sector, but the biggest cost item and the basis of private security service are the personnel salaries. In addition to the salaries, ssi employer premium (SGK) which is indexed to the salary rate and also stoppage expenses.

With the minimum wage announced every year, cost tables and special security price offers are reshaped. If you fill out the special security offer form above, we can offer you our special security price proposal determined in the light of our updated costs according to 2021

About RO GROUP Private Security and Protection Services Inc.;

Among private security companies based in Istanbul, RO GROUP Inc., is a well-known and proven security company and is being in a different league in comparison with its competitors through its corporate and dynamic structure, highly educated administrative staff, advanced data processing systems and private security risk management methods.

In addition, RO GROUP INC is the only commercial company accepted to IBM World Community Grid in Turkey. With clicking here, you can find the Turkish partners.

Our Wide Private Security Service Network;

Our company, which has an operation center in Ataşehir on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, where private security companies are in intense competition; It has been authorized by the Ministry of Interior to provide private security services in every corner of our country, especially in Istanbul, Gebze, Izmit, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

Most Affordable Private Security Price Offer

As RO GROUP Private Security and Protection Services Incorporated Company; We offer accurate, flexible, analytical and affordable private security proposals while providing superior service to our potential business partners, and we develop our offers to our potential business partners.

Services of Our Group Companies - Information & Guidance

RO GROUP Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. provides such as:

  • Information & Guidance Services
  • Facility Management Services
  • Cleaning services
  • Integrated Cleaning Services

and you can get price offers of our other sevices.

After How Long Will We Contact You About The Services You Request?

Depending on your availability for correct pricing and staff planning, you will be asked for an appointment for the feasibility report. If you have a request related to the unit private security price under standard conditions or our other services provided by our company such as the information - guidance, reception, cleaning service, we will deliver our offers to you within a few hours.

Get Information About Our References

We do not keep our references like other companies operating in the private security sector that we are a part of, we share all our business partners that we provide private security services with the principle of transparency upon your request. Because we know that; The most important assurance in the service sectors is the deep-seated services provided.

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