Integrated Cleaning Services

Integrated Cleaning Services mean methods of special cleaning services prepared by cleaning companies based on the demands of all facilities, businesses and private properties that need to purchase services. Integrated cleaning services are a type of service established on the execution of the cleaning of areas which require more than one and different machinery and equipment through a single contract. It is also very advantageous in terms of providing easy service to the customer. Through integrated cleaning services contracts, customer can obtain the cleaning services contract for more than one places which require the service from one establishment and with one single contract.  At the same time, integrated cleaning services contracts can be customized by cleaning companies in line with the wishes and demands of the customers and make a difference to the classic cleaning services contracts in terms of being a solution to the demands of the customers.

Integrated Cleaning Services are Now Much Easier with Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc.

Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. has reached the position of being the establishment that shows its difference among its competitors in terms of service quality with its integrated cleaning services and also provides the most reliable service to its business partners in the cleaning sector. As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., we have started to this path with principles of good quality service and customer satisfaction, so our priority has always been to produce immediate solutions to the problems of our business partners and to reveal our high work flow difference.

As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. within the path that we have started with our business partners; one can purchase services in areas such as office, factory, hotel, school, construction, plaza, business center, shopping mall, private property in categories such as garden cleaning and glass cleaning with our integrated cleaning services contracts from us. One can also provide all the services you receive with a single contract.

What Kind of Process Do We Follow in Integrated Cleaning Services?

  1. Determining the area or areas where cleaning services will be provided.
  2. Carrying out the necessary feasibility studies in order to clean the area.
  3. Determining the cleaning methods suitable for the demands of our business partners.
  4. Directing the cleaning staff team, who will perform the cleaning services, to the relevant area or areas.
  5. After the cleaning services are over, ensuring the control of service quality through our expert team directed to the relevant area.
  6. Conducting the “business partner satisfaction survey” for the evaluation of service quality through our central team.

Information Guidance Service

Within the scope of the information and guidance services we provide by Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., which operates as a subsidiary company of Ro Group Private Security and Protection Services Inc., the main responsibility of the reception staff assigned is to meet the customers at the entrance of the company and to fulfill their guidance activities. As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., the receptionists that we have positioned in the areas, they perform their services as employees who are aware of their duties and responsibilities in accordance with our brand quality and they show an intense working performance with the aim of satisfaction of our business partners.

Authorities and Responsibilities of Personnel Working under the Information & Guidance Service

In order to serve the information and guidance:

  • Information guidance staff greet visitors at company entrances.
  • Information guidance staff direct the visitors to the person and floor they will go to within the company.
  • Information guidance staff answer the company's incoming calls to and transfer them to the relevant units.
  • Information guidance staff receive the cargo and documents on behalf of the company and deliver them to the relevant managers.

The Difference of Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. in the Scope of Information & Guidance Services

  • As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., we carefully select all the information guidance personnel that we allocate to our business partners on behalf of our brand. For this reason, we make the face of our brand the personnel who are aware of the work discipline and have the ability to fulfill their duties and responsibilities completely.
  • In order to provide the highest quality service to our business partners and to ensure your satisfaction, we regularly visit our employees with our expert administrative staff team. We shape the work flow method of our staff upon your requests and expectations.
  • As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., we are constantly working on this path we set out with the motto of "honest, principled and reliable", in order to increase our business partners and provide quality service to everyone. We are progressing successfully in our sector in providing the best and the latest in-service quality for you.


Human Resources Procurement Service

The recent development of the global economy and trade have led to the increase in the number of medium and large-scale companies and have led to a high rate of worker employment. With the emergence of this employment, the number of companies that allocate personnel through private security companies has also increased day by day, and consultancy companies providing services in this field have started to increase in a direct proportion.

As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc., with our experience of more than 25 years, we carefully select all the personnel we allocate in the consultancy services we offer in different departments such as consultancy, management and accounting. We are testing their professional competencies through written and oral interviews.

We are working meticulously in the allocation of all our personnel, whom we have selected on behalf of you.

  • Reviewing of CVs and initial screening.
  • Taking a written interview and making the first pre-interview.
  • Subjecting the candidate to the oral interview that special selection techniques are applied.
  • Candidate's physical control and obtaining a medical report.
  • Arranging a meeting with you and last 3 candidates.

The advantages of working with Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. are as follows:

  • As Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc. family, we inform you about the latest innovations and developments about the departments you want to allocate personnel to, within the research and development studies of our expert center team.
  • We offer a quality service with correct work flow methods by our expert team, who have been educated abroad in human resources and equipped with international certificates.
  • With our wide network and business connections, we provide the most accurate service for you, from the most accurate source and instantly.
  • We are able to communicate with you 24/7 and create instant solutions to your requests through the steps we take towards digitalization and the channels we have created exclusively for Ro Group Facility Management and Human Resources Inc.
  • In this path we set out with the slogan of "Honest, Principled and Reliable", we value your requests and constantly work to offer you the best quality service with the most affordable cost studies.