Private Security Services are getting stronger with a strong breath.

RO GROUP PRIVATE SECURITY INC., which sets out with the principles of being different and dynamic in Private Security Services, has increased its business partner portfolio 20 times and the number of private security guards 45 times in the last 10 years. With the security system from start to finish; The security marathon, which starts with detailed risk analysis before signing a private security service contract with business partners, continues uninterrupted after the private security service begins.

  • We build digital bridges with our private security personnel who meet the private security service needs of our business partners, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day at our headquarters. Through our private security push-to-talk system working twice as often at night hours, our trained operators in our digital operation center monitor all personnel in the field with an innovative system brought by our software specially created for this service. In this way, we can be sure that our staff is always alert during providing private security services.
  • Patrol tour tracking system with smart devices! We know how difficult it is to combine technology with our services while providing the highest quality private security services to our business partners. We monitor real time of our private security staff's scheduled patrol tours in service points where in the field of our security points that we provide security services. While we share all our reports with our business partners with the principle of transparency, we do not wait for the next day for these works, we deliver reports instantly.
  • We know that high service quality in all service sectors -including "private security services"- is achieved through the training of the personnel in the field, which ultimately brings success. In order to achieve high service quality and provide added value to our private security personnel, we eliminate their training deficiencies. Our trainers make weekly, monthly and annual training plans for all private security personnel working within our company according to the availableness of security points. They constantly train our staff on dozens of topics such as private security law, effective communication, risk tracing, private security shift systems, job and handcuffs. We can carry out our trainings at the company headquarters, as well as in the form of on-site in-service training according to the request of our business partner.

We are assertive! Our staff should be like that too! We have built all our private security service plans on continuous inspection activities. In addition to digital bridges and our 24-hour push-to-talk closed-loop system that communicates with 4G cellular connections and our real-time monitored smart tour patrol tracking system, we perform personnel inspections at certain and uncertain times. For each security point, we require our responsible team leaders to carry out on-site physical inspections in the planned number, considering the content of the security service, the circumstance of the business partner, the number of working private security personnel and other some other conditions. We share the results of our private security inspection activities with our business partners and also use them in the performance evaluations of our personnel.

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  • It is true that private security companies are for-profit commercial organizations, but this does not mean that they will provide private security services that supplied under the service contract at a high price. As Ro Group Private Security Company, we are a company built on efficiency and we trust our ability to do business while providing the private security services they demand to our business partners with our wide service network. We believe also that we will further expand our service network through our the most advantageous private security price offer. We are aware that personnel wages are the biggest item of service cost in private security services, which is based actually on intensive exertion, however we know that high quality will be achieved with happy employment with our business partners and we plan this together. This is why we will never compete with the cheapest "private security price offer". We will spread our services with a reasonable private security offer aiming at the highest quality and containing the most efficient cost / benefit ratio.
  • We know very well the importance of reaching us and our security operations managers quickly for emergencies and unexpected situations, and also that everything will not go as planned from time to time, while providing private security services. We give the commitment of being instantly available, at all times and under all circumstances, even in emergencies and unexpected situations. We respond very quickly to unexpected situations with our extensive operational power.
  • While maintaining our services, we believe that the communication of the private security firm with its business partners to whom it provides security services should remain strong. For this reason, we determine our "communication standards" in the most efficient way according to the working principles and expectations of the business partner and we always stay in touch with our business partners. In addition, our special software regularly sends “business partner satisfaction surveys” on all business partner visits, accounting transactions and private security services on a monthly basis.
  • In this way, we analyze all the services we provide in terms of time. In addition to our business partners, we routinely send the questionnaire links to our employees about their relations with us via SMS. We keep a healthy and standard communication channel open with all our private security personnel.

If you are receiving private security service for a residential site, the business instructions of private security for a factory should not be applied on your site. Likewise, site security practices should not be applied in a factory.

Right segment and right approach = High service quality and high security level

We analyze your needs completely. The high-quality value of our services depends on understanding exactly what you need. Our expert management staff will evaluate your special security demands, prepare a detailed analysis of your location, volume, dynamics of your organization, living spaces, and plan your segment by defining the special security service designed for you in the most accurate way.

We constantly ask ourselves these questions; How can we demonstrate our high quality in the eyes of our internal customer personnel, especially the private security services we offer to our business partners 24/7? If there are no tangible final good in-service sectors, how can quality be proven in terms of service? How can we reveal the high service quality and perfectly integrated security service we promised?

In our opinion, all these are the result of rapid interaction! Since its establishment, our company has always been shaped its investments with the idea of fast interaction. We know that the quicker we respond to instant developments and the faster we interact with our business partners and staff, the better we will reach a quality position among private security firms. Therefore, we create such high quality and flawless brand awareness in our private security services.

We analyzed all our business processes one by one in order to ensure that all this rapid communication proceeds seamlessly through a single channel and can be fully integrated with our internal dynamics, and instead of the standard enterprise resource planning program (ERP); we have created our tailor-made software to fully comply with all our needs.

We digitalized hundreds of our workflows such as private security officer job application, recruitment, assignment of personnel to the security point and subsequently adaptation assessment, from internal work orders to internal performance evaluation, including progress payment calculation and e-invoicing processes; and programmed all of those with the logic of input, output and approval work pools. 

We don't agree with the opinion of the ends justify the means. With this motto that our founders embraced, we develop our working processes and we put the established commercial custom and traditions at the top of everything we do as well as fully complying with the private security law and also all other laws, regulations and all remaining legislation. As RO GROUP PRIVATE SECURITY Inc., we fulfill all our commitments against our suppliers, employees, public and financial institutions in full and on time.

IBM WCG - The only commercial company that has been in Turkey as Official Partner

Have you ever heard what is the IBM backed World Community Grid?

We can change the world with even the idle processing power of our computers. We can say stop all together to desperate diseases, epidemics that changed the whole world including Covid-19, climate changes or difficulties in reaching clean water resources.

RO GROUP PRIVATE SECURITY joined the World Community Grid for these purposes. We see that together we can change the future. Because millions of computers from all over the world are up and running during the day, but they also stand still -without using processor powers- without doing any work. On the other hand, every hour, hundreds of people around the world either suffer from or die of unrelenting diseases.

What if all computers connected to the Internet, whose estimated number is 1 billion, work when they are left idle to solve these biggest problems of humanity?

Based on this vision; Under the leadership of "IBM Corporation", we have been accepted to the official partnership of "World Community Grid" which including more than 400 organizations such as associations, foundations, companies, government institutions and educational institutions. 

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We reserve the processor power of all workstations and server computers we own for the works in the World Community Grid for free.

Until today, we have contributed a total of 148 years of processor contribution to the project. 335,000 scientific equations were solved on our computers. Click for detailed total statistics.




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We believe that private security needs cannot be sold; contrarily we believe that business partnership. Therefore we have no client, in other words we have business partners and we reduce the risks of our partners.
We believe that private security needs cannot be sold; contrarily we believe that business partnership. Therefore we have no client, in other words we have business partners and we reduce the risks of our partners.
We believe that private security needs cannot be sold; contrarily we believe that business partnership. Therefore we have no client, in other words we have business partners and we reduce the risks of our partners.

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